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This discography is a survey of recent and new Danish and international Nielsen CDs, some of them reissues. Do not expect it to be in any way complete - this is not the place to look for a complete list of recordings of Nielsen's Woodwind Quintet, for instance, which has already been issued in more than 50 different versions.

We do try our best to look out for new issues, and we do update this part of the site regularly, so you might want to visit these pages regularly in order to look out for exciting, maybe exotic new Nielsen recordings.

A few items will remain here permanently, above all the reissues of important historical Nielsen first recordings, gathered in the epoch-making Danacord-series, The Historic Carl Nielsen Collection, not new, but luckily still available.

Where possible, we will supply a website reference for each issue. Using the link you should be able to find out how you may buy the CD in question.

We do urge you to help us making this part of the website even more useful by supplying information on CDs which should be included. You will find an easy way to do this here.

If you are into the business of downloading music, you should know that has at least two separate complete editions of Nielsen's Symphonies (and more) at about USD $ 0.49 per track
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